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The publishing house was founded in 1998 with the aim of presenting to local readers both the leading world authors and domestic writers. Terry Pratchett's novels, which were the exclusive project of Laguna for its first three years, represented true refreshment on the Serbian literary scene. Other great names and interesting titles followed: Mario Puzo, Albin Malouf, Tony Parsons, Khaled Hosseini, Brett Easton Ellis, Ana Maria Matute, Herta Müller, Mario Vargas Llosa were some of the authors included in the expansion of Laguna's publishing portfolio so far. Public attention quickly turned to this small publishing house with great authors and great books. This orientation were followed a few years ago by introducing the most prominent contemporary Serbian writers as well, such as Svetislav Basara, Filip David, Goran Samardzic, Zvonko Karanovic, Vule Zuric, Sreten Ugricic, Igor Marojevic, Mirjana Mitrovic, Dejan Stojiljkovic, Dragan Velikic, Svetlana Velmar Jankovic, Ljubivoje Rsumovic, Vladimir Arsenijevic, Ivan Ivanji, Vanja Bulic etc., catapulting Laguna to the very top of Serbian publishing industry. Today, Laguna is the biggest Serbian publishing house with more than 250 new titles per year, with a chain of more than 20 bookshops throughout Balkan region and with nearly 50 employees.

Contact Information:

Foreign Rights: Slobodan Guberinic
Contact: slobodan.guberinic@laguna.rs

Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 62,
11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone No. +381.11.7155-074,
Fax No. +381.11.7155-085,
E-mail: info@laguna.rs

Our mission statement is: World standards in production – most accomplished authors, top-notch translations, design and book production; Dedication to the readers’ needs – low prices, availability, two way communication.
The results speak for themselves:
More than 2000 titles published, across all genres, both fiction and non fiction. Laguna was the publishing choice for more than 1000 foreign and more than 100 domestic authors. Output of one book per day is the biggest in the region. Every fourth title published has been awarded one or more major international or domestic awards. Every list of most-read titles in Serbia is dominated by titles published by Laguna. The biggest and fastest growing readers’ club with more than 250000 members (growing by 170 members daily). Laguna’s web page (www.laguna.rs) is the most visited publisher web page in the region, with 15000 unique visits per day.
The activation of Laguna’s Facebook page was an extraordinary success with, now, more than 140000 fans. Accounts on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram follow, as well as Youtube channel and websites dedicated to specific books – Laguna is the absolute winner among Serbian publishers with the most likes, followers, subscribers and views on social media networks.
Laguna’s stand on the Belgrade Book Fair has the largest book offering and is visited by more than 70000 visitors during the event.
Great cooperation with media ensured Laguna with the best and widest publicity coverage.
Since foundation, Laguna is a publisher with the most precise and widest distribution network. We cooperate with over 400 partners both in Serbia and the region. Special mention should go to 30 readers’ club stores in 18 cities in Serbia, as well as 5 in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.
Special editions are sold together with high profile weeklies on several thousands POS across the country.
Laguna founded Delfi bookstores (www.delfi.rs) chain of stores which is today, only four years later, the most diverse and professional bookstore chain counting 24 stores strategically positioned across Serbia and adjusted to the specific needs of each environment.
Laguna has initiated the founding of a single Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Serbia in which it has a leading position in striving to affect cultural policies in Serbia.
Laguna is a multiple winner of the Golden Hit Liber Award which is awarded for the most read title and the best translation.
FONKUR Best Publisher of the Year Award in 2010 and 2011.
Journalists’ best PR Award in 2011 and 2012.
Library of Belgrade Award for the most read book in translation 2008., 2009. and 2012.
Socially Responsible Business
In 2013. Laguna was declared a Superbrand from Serbia, fulfilling all criteria needed for this high profile award: Visible identity and respect, long term consistency and reliability, corporate social responsibility.
Laguna is the initiator and participant of many humanitarian, educational, ecological and other socially responsible events and actions.
As the biggest user of paper among the publishers in the region, Laguna prints all books on high quality recycled paper participating in the international Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) efforts.
Many world experts in publishing consider Laguna’s success as unparalleled in this part of Europe.