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Borislav Pekić

Borislav Pekić
Borislav Pekić (1930–1992), one of the most important Serbian writers in the second half of the 20th century. He was a prolific novelist, but also wrote essays, plays and screenplays. He immigrated in London in 1971, because he was considered persona non grata by the Communist regime of the President Tito. His collected works in 13 books are published for the first time by Laguna.

English translations: The Time of Miracles (Vreme čuda; also in French, Polish, Romanian, Greek, Italian), The Houses of Belgrade (Hodočašće Arsenija Njegovana; also in Polish, Czech, Romanian; NIN Book of the Year Prize), How to Quiet a Vampire (Kako upokojiti vampira; also in Czech, Polish, Italian), The Years the the Locusts Have Devoured (Godine koje su pojeli skakavci; essays; Miloš Crnjanski Award). Into other languages: The Defense and the Last Days (Odbrana i poslednji dani; Polish, Hungarian, Czech, French, Swedish), Atlantis (Atlantida; Czech; Ivan Goran Kovačić Award), Rabies (Besnilo; Spanish, Hungarian), The Golden Fleece (Zlatno runo; French).


The framework of this stupendous novel lies in the miracles of Jesus, as described in the Bible. Using... more