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Jelena Bačić Alimpić

Jelena Bačić Alimpić
Jelena Bačić Alimpić was born in 1969. year in Novi Sad. She finished high school in Sremski Karlovci and University of Philosophy for Literature and Serbo-Croatian Language.

She worked as a journalist and as an editor of documentaries TV shows for National Television from 1987–1993. For nine years she was a journalist and an editor in a printed-media system Color Press group. Since 2002. she is working as a talk-show host on TV Pink. Beside her work as a journalist, Jelena Bacic Alimpic is a winner of multiple prestigious awards for television creativity. She lives in Novi Sad, married, with two kids.

Her first novel „Ringišpil“ („The Carousel“), published in 2010. is still an absolute Serbian best-seller, winner of „Gold Hit Libris“ award, translated in turkish and macedonian, and for two years was the most read book in National Libraries of Serbia.

Her second novel „Pismo gospođe Vilme“ („A Letter From Madam Vilma“) is published in May 2012. and in July was translated to macedonian, also very highly ranked on the best-seller charts in Serbia, the winner of „Gold Hit Libris“ award and the most read book in National Libraries of Serbia in 2012.

Jelena Bacic Alimpic is currently writing her third novel whose appearance is expected at spring 2014.


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