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Svetislav Basara

Svetislav Basara
Svetislav Basara (1953), novelist, essayist and publicist. He received most prestigeous literary prizes in Serbia and abroad. His literary career started in the early 80s with a collection of short stories, Priče u nestajanju (VanishingTales, 1982). For his novel Fama o biciklistima (The Cyclist Conspiracy, 1988) he received the prestigeous Željezara Sisak award. In 2006 he received the most acclaimed NIN Book of the Year Award, for his novel The Rise and Fall of Parkinson's Disease (Uspon i pad Parkinsonove bolesti). Some of histitles include: The Chinese Letters, (Kinesko pismo;1985), Peking by Night (1985; short stories), Phenomena (Fenomeni;1989; short stories), The Mongolian Travel Guide (Mongolski bedeker;1992), Civil War Within (De bello civili; 1993; essays), Looney Tunes (1997), The Diary of Marta Koen (Dnevnik Marte Koen; 2008).

English translation: The Cyclist Conspiracy, Chinese Letter, Civil War Within. He was also translated intomany other languages: franch, german, hungarian, bulgarian, italian...


Both pseudohistoric grotesque and serious analysis of historical events, philosophical and religious... more