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Igor Marojević

Igor Marojević
Igor Marojević was born in 1968 in Vrbas, Serbia. Graduated at Faculty of Philology at the Belgrade Univesity. One of the most distingushed Serbian writers published novels Deception of God (Obmana Boga), Twenty Four Walls (Dvadeset četiri zida), Scorching Heat (Žega; Borislav Pekić Prize; Stevan Pešić Prize) Cutout (Šnit). Collections of short stories: Searchers (Tragači), Mediterraneans (Mediterani). Founder and promoter of original prose style and orientation called „ethno-fiction“. Author of plays „Nomadi“ (2004), „Tvrđava Evropa“ and „Bar sam svoj čovek“ (2009).

For his novels he won the award „Stevan Pešić“, as well as the award from „Borislav Pekić Fund“. Member of Serbian and Catalonian PEN.

Spanish translation: Nomads (Nomadi; play), Deception of God.


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