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Price: 6.80 €
Pages: 306
Format: Paperback, Hardback
Published: 15 editions, first published 2012.
Size: 13x20 cm
Language: Serbian
Who set fire to Chilandar Monastery, one of the oldest on holy Mount Athos, and why? Consumed by these questions, two friends, Novak and Veljko, go to Mount Athos. When they find a fake monk strung up on a tree in the olive grove above the monastery, events start developing at an incredible speed. At the scene of every crime that follows they find the stamp of St. Simeon’s seal. The original seal, presented by the Chilandar brethren to King Alexander Obrenović, disappeared in the tumultuous events of World War I. And the seal is the symbol of authenticity, mystery and power.
A world church is being created and existing religions are struggling for power within it, but the real leaders of the world have decided who will be at the head of this world church: Jesus Christ. He will be cloned one day, when this becomes possible, using His DNA. Standing in the way of their intentions is Chilandar’s monastic brotherhood, seemingly unconscious of its opposition, and Novak and Veljko, one a reporter and the other a businessman, who are quite conscious of their opposition. The reader discovers their real identities at the end of the book. Novak is a true believer and Veljko is a real doubting Thomas. The war that flares up is joined by secret societies, the militant faction of the Catholic Church, intelligence services, countries fighting to have the greatest clout in the Monastic Republic…
Novak is kidnapped. On a research ship sailing the Mediterranean, special police methods are used to prepare him to take Christ’s blood out of Chilandar. It is in a crystal cross on the altar of the main church. At the end of the 12th century, the blood that dripped into the grail during the Crucifixion was brought to Chilandar from Jerusalem by St. Sava… As the book draws to a close, the plot thickens and so does the mist surrounding Chilandar…
When the mist rises, everything is the same as it was eight centuries ago. The reader will find the denouement of this thriller in the last sentence of the book, with the maxim: “If you seek nothing, what you do not seek will find you.”

Sample chapters available per request.

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