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Price: 4.60 €
Pages: 294
Format: Paperback
Published: 2004
Size: 13x20 cm
Language: Serbian
The novel takes place the continent of Gondwanaland, which suggests the primordial unity, harmony and completeness. It is founded precisely on the unbalancing of that harmony and the battle for its renewal. Human societies of the ancient continent and the entire nature are endangered by the technologically and scientifically advanced, but absolutely immoral culture of the Wook, four-legged bloodsuckers similar to gigantic flees, who are trying to turn the entire world into their feeding grounds, a stable for their warm-blooded slaves, whose blood they could then feed on, undisturbed and heedless. The Wook know no solidarity, harmony, joy of beauty; they ruthlessly destroy the nature, not only the animals but the plants as well, creating, through their typical genetic engineering, the monstrous, chimerical beings, mean and dangerous even to their own species.
A white-haired Villus boy, by the name of Aven, stands up to the world of these fearsome, wise and evil bloodsuckers and their grotesque creations. Thanks to his fresh and curious spirit, Aven finds a way to use the leaves of the unique tree, Baraba (BARABA MORTARIUM). These hard, sharp leaves cut all that stands in their way, devastating the Nobody’s Habitat and isolating Aven’s village, but to him they are a precious tool and salutary weapon. He learns to throw these sharp leaves with perfect accuracy. His uniqueness enables him to befriend a badger-dog, Gord, wounded by a Baraba leaf, thus turning a failed product of the Wook genetic manipulation into a devoted friend and companion. His wild spirit, curiosity and longing for adventure, drive Aven out of the safety of his valley and into a grand quest to save his own world.
Like a naturalistic encyclopedia, this novel contains a number of imaginative and interesting vocabulary entries, describing the life of various areas through which Aven and Gord travel. A skilled draftsman, the author added the drawings of imagined creatures and plants to these entries, as well as some segments of the real flora and fauna, which are not always easily discernible. The swayhorn deer, baobab spook or beast, stand side by side with the pictures of the mangrove tree, peyote cactus, narwhal or desert fox. Sometimes the creations of the author’s imagination appear more realistic than the existing life forms. These drawings represent a particular quality of the novel, as an addition and a specific embodiment of the described world, as well as a humorous periphrasis of the black-and-white drawings from the old botanic and zoology handbooks.
The novel begins with the deion of Aven’s home village, in the hidden world of the Valley of No Horizon. This beginning indirectly reminds of the typical initiation stories, in which the hero, coming of age, leaves the idyllic peace of his home and the protection of his early childhood, and goes out to find temptation and adventure. The ignorance of the world and his proper roots adds to this overall impression. The exit from the valley is guarded by the Baraba tree, which exterminates any living thing that approaches it, but also guards the inhabitants of the valley from the dangers of the outside world. Unlike the other Villus, Aven reaches for the world on the other side of this border, symbolically, gathering Baraba leaves and domesticating a badger-dog, and realistically, venturing into the unknown outside the valley. Having found a Baraba leaf with a indecipherable pictographic message written in brown resin, his separation from the world of childhood ends, and his uncertain journey as the Child of Baraba, a boy-messiah through whose actions the endangered humankind is to be saved, begins.
Combining the hero’s predestination for great deeds, typical for the epic fantasy genre, with the realistically shaped character of an “ordinary” boy, Petrovic provides us with a humorous separation from the clichés of the genre, and introduces a special warmth and originality into his novel. His hero matures, undergoes a series of trials that get more and more difficult, but keeps a part of his childish nature throughout the novel. From the beginning of his trials, his plunge into the uncertainty of the spring and passage through the miraculous world underground, to the final struggle through the Wind Tunnels, Aven undoubtedly achieves a typical initiation journey, from a boy to a future druid, leader of Men...

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