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SERBIAN PSYCHO, Željko Obrenović, Aleksandar Ilić
Price: 4.30 €
Pages: 200
Format: Paperback
Published: 2 editions; first published 2007.
Size: 13x20 cm
Language: Serbian
ISBN: 978-86-7436-648-6
The most brutal Serbian novel of the third millenium!

Main character of Serbian psycho is highly intelligent 25-old guy whose life is under perfect control until the circumstances, with no previous warning, turn it to real internal hell. Having been interested only in sex, music and going out to clubs and discos of contemporary Belgrade, this guy becomes an object of mysterious stalker and a witness to obscure magic rituals. At the same time, he keeps getting tapes of unusual content. In effort to clarify these new, unknown circumstances, he fiercely respons to every temptation and slowly turns into a serial killer. Can he and to what account endanger his family, girlfriend Rebecca and friends, with whom he has so far, at least apparently, built a harmonious relationship? Final list of his victims will contain the names the readers could not have possibbly expected to find. Written in four hands, but with an equable style, deprived of all compromises, but permeated with the most contemporary references from pop culture, movies and literature, Serbian psycho is a rare slap in the face to stale and old-fashioned contemporary Serbian literature and one of the rare slaps in the face of the Serbian literature to stale and old-fashioned Serbian society.

Serbian psycho is an intelectual horror-thriller that leaves the taste of blood in your mouth. Novel is based in modern, imaginary Belgrade, where only lunatics can live. Mathematics, chess, chemistry and several women which the reader encounters cannot help the main character solve the riddles he constantly spins around. Catharsis comes hand in hand with the beatings, which the main character seems to have deserved. We need more novels such as this. - Darko Stanicic, Maxim

The most brutal Serbian novel of the third millenium! Obrenovic and Ilic cut the contagious tissue od contemporary literature with surgical skill. If they do not kill us – we will be healed. - Ivan Bevc, Yellow Cab

New, refreshing blood in Serbian literature. A lot of blood! - Momir Borocki, FHM

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