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Price: 7.90 €
Pages: 352
Format: Hardback
Awards: Miloš Crnjanski, Svetosavski pečat
Published: 2010, sold in over 55,000 copies!
Size: 13x20 cm
ISBN: 978-86-521-0163-4
According to the legend, the nails which held Jesus Christ to the cross disappeared after His resurrection. One was embedded in a crown, another placed on the top of a spear, while the third was melted down and forged into a sword blade... The one who possesses all three of these items will rule the world. The same legend says that the third Holy Relic is located in the Balkans, in the south of the country shaken by the civil war, in the birth place of roman emperor Constantine the Great.

In the spring of 1939, Heinrich Himmler gave Adolf Hitler a gift – a map with six routes drawn in that are to be followed in researching the ancient Aryan past.

One of the routes led to Serbia.

Five years later, in Nis, SS Officer Heinrich Kahn managed to locate the site holding the secrets of the great Roman Emperor. The sword so yearned for by Hitler lies below the foundations of ancient Naissus, in the weapons collection marked as CONSTANTINE’S CROSSING. But two men will apear on Kahn’s way – mysterious inteligence officer Nemanja Lukic and german Commander of the city’s defense, colonel Otto von Fehn.

At the same time, Nis is shaken not only by bombs the Allies are ping from the sky, but also by a series of horrendous murders. In the chaos of war, nobody seems to be upset about this, yet one ancient word can be heard when whispered by soldiers on dead watch – VAMPIRE. In the night when the Allied bombers are to inflame the sky above Nis, an impalpable sense of longing will lead those who have nothing to lose into the underground. Into the darkness, where purple eyes glow, toward the place where borders of the two worlds intersect, toward CONSTANTINE’S CROSSING.

Stojiljković has clearly done his research and the book is peppered with historical morsels about Nazi fascination with the occult, the German occupation of Serbia, and the bloody confrontation between the Chetniks and Partisans. The Allied bombing raids on Serbia in the later days of World War II also come in for some critical targeting.

Constantine’s Crossing kept me gripped from the fact-based early chapters through twists and turns that lead to the place of all good horror stories. Unusually though, this one contained themes and messages to think about beyond the page.

Marcus Agar, W!ld Rooster

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